17 Jul 2007


Bahnhof, oil on canvas, 120X180 cm

Bunker, oil on canvas, 140X200 cm

Heimtrainer, oil on canvas, 100X160 cm

Kaefer 01, oil on canvas, 80X100 cm

Tiefgarage 03, oil on canvas, 180X60 cm

Tunnel, oil on canvas, 80X100 cm

Ueberspiel, oil on canvas, 80X100 cm

JKR Kromarek is a good example of the recent re-evaluation of painting.

You see, people, Painting is the new Photography, only way better. This is reality with a twist. Anyone could have taken a photo of a car-park, but not anyone could have put a twist in the vision of a carpark. Because it denotes reality (whereas photography represents it), painting can afford to be more personal and thus skew, embellish, or simply just report a state of fact / being. I think this is what JKR does. (Mig)

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