19 Jul 2007

My friend Tommy Kane

Whatever I have to say about our friend Tommy Kane would never make him justice. I mean it. This artist is so involved with his art, it is really hard to find a domain of his activity (see his website) on which to pass a comment lacking admiration.

I like his paintings best because Mr Kane brings to life a plethora of characters from the American Dream and popular culture who can speak volumes about where art has got to this day (or, at least, that's what I think). Comic book heroes make an appearance not in all their Technicolor or printed glory, but in a guise similar to that of condottieri of the High Renaissace, or a glorious duke of the 17th century.

Astro Boy flies past a flabbergasted officer from a 1950s sitcom or film, but why is this nice man so surprised? Maybe he's surprised we are watching him put in a frame he would not have dreamed of. When do you think was the last time he thought about art ?

And the animal portraits manage the rare feat of characterising the depicted animals sincerely, in all their horse-ness and dog-ness. In the meantime, they are lent that specific aura only a portrait can have, that presence that makes one empathise with the depicted subject.

Good job, Mr Kane!


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Tommy Kane said...

Thank you for posting my work. I am very happy.