28 Jul 2007

Terry Rodgers

Immaculate Reflection, 2006, 60" x 76 ½", oil on linen

Comfort Zone, 2007, 157cm x 168cm, oil on linen

This Is Our Youth, 2004, 142cm x 229cm, oil on linen

Shades of Olympus, 2004, 179cm x 251cm, oil on linen

Negotiating the Future, 2004, 160cm x 203cm, oil on linen

The Main Attraction, 2004, 152cm x 244cm, oil on linen

I am not sure what can I say about this artist. He's a fine draughtsman for sure, and clearly knows his anatomy lessons. And also has a fine eye for lasciviousness and debauchery. And a flair for compositions with many characters - which, believe you me, are pretty hard to handle properly. Also, the great wealth of detail shows he's very skilled and pays attention to all minutiae of the depicted objects and characters (glints in crystal glasses, bra and knicker marks on suntanned bodies, sparkles on jewels). Terry Rodgers, besides being a very good painter, is also a fine connoisseur of smutty garments. An A+ for that!

What I truly wonder is whether the artist has sketched his charcters en ensemble or one by one, in individual sittings?

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Raluca said...

very nice pictures.. and the articel is super